I Am Creative IV
+ Life Support



Creative IV + Life Support, is creative business consulting & life support for your professional and personal needs.

My name is Evelyn, and I am a creative consultant and life supporter. I graduated with a degree in communications and a major concentration in marketing. I have volunteered my time, energy and resources towards various businesses and individuals, helping them to achieve their goals and accomplish projects and put on events. I’ve also done PR & Marketing internships and worked various jobs in the role of administrative support, project manager, consultant, marketer and sales.

As a young professional, I see myself as an accessible and convenient resource for the execution of various tasks and projects. I possess an extensive network of industry experts, taking care of the little things to allow the big things to function smoothly and efficiently.

Whether you need an extra creative hand when it comes to event planning, business consulting, your new marketing campaign or some simple but mundane admin tasks like book keeping, we’re here for you whenever you need us, and we can’t wait to meet you.


Simply put, like our motto states: Creative strategy, business nutrients, a helping hand… Welcome back to life. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Project Management

Whether I lead or assist, I help see your project through to completion from beginning to end.

Strategic Business Development Consulting & Sales

Strategic & Creative business consulting helping you to take your business and sales to the next level.

International Business Concierge & Liaison

Need a business concierge while in town? Or someone to facilitate and act on your behalf, or even manage a project for you in Canada or the US? I can help.

Brand + Identity Consulting & PR

Let me help you define your brand, and your vision. Then let's get everyone talking about it.

Event Planning & Coordinating

From start to finish, and all the logistics in between, leave that special event to me - I've got your details covered.

Entrepreneur Coaching

You've had the vision, now let me help you birth it. I'm your 'be your own boss' cheerleader.

Administrative Tasks

Typing? Online Research? Editing? Boring Bookkeeping? You name the problem, I'm the solution. Let's get you organized and back on track.

Personal & Professional Assistance

Need more family time? Need to focus on the important stuff? I'm your girl. The only solution you need, to taking back your life.

Our clients come from various walks of life, from the busy working Mom or Dad to the corporate individual, to the non- profit organization to the extremely busy bodybuilder and personal trainer or the young start-up CEO. No matter your walk in life or background, we can help you!

Creativity, objectivity and integrity are what we pride ourselves on, and although we know every client is different our support is always 100%.


Evelyn is an energetic, hard working and dedicated perfectionist that always puts her best foot forward to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. With that being said, if you're in the market for a Marketing Strategist who will take your brand to the next level, we recommend connecting with Evelyn Oteng-Pabi and the team from Creative IV.

Randy Blackwood
President/Ceo Blackwood Employment Source Inc.

You are a breath of fresh air, fantastic energy my fellow taurus, and a huge huge help. I cannot thank you enough for today.

Nicole Piller
Founder Nicole Piller Studio

Evelyn possessed a professional, calm, and empathetic demeanor that was so very comforting. She is extremely knowledgeable on marketing and branding. She listened to my challenges and proposed solutions that I still use today. From our meeting, I was clearer on my brand and what my next steps were to achieve the best exposure for my business. I would highly recommend Evelyn for any entrepreneur in any phase of their entrepreneurship. She will assist you in becoming your most successful being, and that is priceless.

Kristal Parris
Architectural Colour Consultant, Studio Parris Colour Consulting

I have had the pleasure of working with Evelyn on several projects. We worked closely on organizing fundraisers and festivals.
Evelyn has excellent organizational skills and is a tireless worker. She has creative ideas and is very capable of executing the plans to bring life to the ideas.
She is very thorough, energetic, intelligent, and dedicated to her tasks. She manages her time and resources well. She is a wonderful person with superior people skills.

Mike Slocombe
Founder Breadfruit Lane Charity

Evelyn is a dynamic and dedicated person. She is skilled with social media, branding, communication and bus development. What I love about Evelyn is that she is prompt, very responsive, takes direction well and is not afraid to ask questions when she is not clear. She is my best kept secret, delivering exceptional quality work, I highly recommend her!

Sophie Boyko
CEO SophieBoyko.com

What sets Evelyn apart is her belief that anything is possible. Present her with a challenge or problem and she will present you with a creative solution and way forward. Whatever strategic objectives you are pursuing, Evelyn is the key to unlocking your potential. She thinks through every aspect of your strategy, lays out tactics and targets with meticulous attention to detail, and turns your ideas into reality.

Tiffany Gooch
Consultant at Enterprise Canada

I have worked with Evelyn on various projects that I have worked on, with her as the lead consultant and project manager. She has written for me, consulted on new projects/initiatives and given the professional assistance needed for my businesses as the busy owner of a barbershop and entertainment company. I would highly recommend her for any project or initiative your looking to take on, or to help with tasks you may not have time to do - She allows me to focus on the bigger picture. Making money and spending time with family.

Blessing Irabor
CEO Blessings Hairport and Bless Entertainment

Besides being a joy to work with, Evelyn is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. She has successfully developed and implemented several sales and marketing plans for our company that have resulted in increased revenue. This new revenue was a direct result of the efforts carried out by Evelyn.

Ryan Addams
CEO Look At Me Advertising


An extra set of hands? Someone to bounce ideas off of or to come up with ideas? Someone to assist, or execute those ideas? From event planning, to bookkeeping to even child sitting...I'm your gal. 

I'm big at heart & ideas, but because I’m a small operation I only take clients based on referrals. Occasionally I can be swayed by a really cool client and chocolate :) So feel free to contact me and in the mean time, check me out on LinkedIn.

(647) 760-3673